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Some tips on making divorce proceedings more amicable

While news articles on divorce tend to focus on high profile splits and drawn-out court battles over money and custody of children, the majority of divorces in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are actually much more low-key and civil.

Couples will often reach the decision to divorce together, or at the very least both will accept that they have grown apart and that their earnest efforts to address issues in the past have failed. In these cases the couples have a great chance of collaborating together to ensure a smooth, relatively angst-free divorce process.

Our family law and divorce specialists have helped hundreds of couples go through the process of separation, and have found that those who tend to achieve an amicable split tend to share some of the following traits.

  • Both spouses are of the opinion that divorce is the correct option for them, having considered all other options.
  • Both spouses vow to maintain a mutual respect for each other and have a common desire to remain civil throughout the process
  • Both spouses share a common goal, such as making the welfare of the children the priority, or coming out of the relationship on the same financial footing.
  • All options are considered during the process, such as mediation or the collaborative divorce process

Divorce of course will still remain a difficult transition but the right approach and expert legal advice can reduce the potential for animosity, upset and harm.

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