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Wilson Nesbitt complete the acquisition of SkyDive Ireland

Wilson Nesbitt has successfully completed the acquisition of Wild Geese Parachuting, which is now being operated as Skydive Ireland.

Wild Geese Skydiving was founded in the North Coast in 1983 and is the only outdoor skydiving facility in Northern Ireland.

Skydive Ireland have invested in a 900hp Cessna Supervan aircraft which means they can now get to a maximum of 15,000 ft. in around 12 minutes and being one of only three of these specialist aircraft in the UK. They have also invested in significant renewal infrastructure, upgraded kit and facilities as well as introducing Accelerated Freefall training (AFF) for the 1st time in Northern Ireland. Previously experienced parachutists would need to travel to Europe and further abroad to access these world class facilities.

Managing Director of Skydive Ireland, Aaron Cosby;

“We really valued the support from Max and Izabela at Wilson Nesbitt, which enabled us to take the next important step forward in developing our operations & facilities. They have been a pleasure to deal with and proved a significant driving force in bringing this acquisition to a completion. 

We’re looking forward to training a new generation of student parachutists north and south of the border to cement one of the country’s most exhilarating sports for future generations to enjoy.”

Corporate Partner Max Nesbitt;

“This is a fantastic outcome for Northern Ireland’s skydiving community. Aaron and Ailbhe have already invested significantly in the sky diving facilities and brought in a new plane to facilitate jumps from 15,000 feet. It has been a great experience working with them and on what is a very unique business being the only outdoor skydiving facility in Northern Ireland.”

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