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Writing a Will – Good intentions and resolutions for 2020

The first few weeks of January are the golden period of good intentions and resolutions to make improvements across a number of areas in our lives. Gym membership and attendance rockets as people endeavour to tick the goals relating to health, but there are also equal ambitions and efforts to make financial plans and changes.

Health and wealth based goals dominate the resolutions we make each year, with many people resolving to save more, improve their credit score, pay off credit cards, switch their mortgage, purchase a property, and make plans for their future, including improving their insurance cover and writing a Will and taking advice on estate planning.

Writing a Will is something that regularly appears on the ‘to-do list’. It is widely agreed that it is absolutely the correct thing to do, and it is a relatively inexpensive exercise, and yet it is estimated that approximately 70 per cent of adults in Northern Ireland do not have a Will. It seems that joining a gym and contacting a solicitor to enquire about writing a Will have a lot more in common that you would first think. We tend to be better at taking the first step to achieving our goal, but struggle to take the all important second step of making use of the gym membership or Will information we obtain.

When it comes to writing a Will the hurdle is often getting around the idea that we will not be around forever. We all know that is the case, but dwelling on it long enough to make plans for our family in a life without us can be understandably difficult. It is because that thought is difficult that it is absolutely essential to make plans for your estate in the event of your death, so that the people who depend on you and whose finances are entwined with yours do not face financial problems at a time of bereavement.

Expert Will writing advice and estate planning can give you peace of mind and guide you through the complex issues such as inheritance tax.

If you have resolved to make a Will why not request a free information pack from Wilson Nesbitt today by clicking here? Pick a time in the week that you are going to sit down and go through it (no time will ever feel like the perfect time to do it!), and you could have your form filled and ready to return within 30 minutes. Send it back in the prepaid envelope and your work is done!

Click here to arrange for a Will writing solicitor at Wilson Nesbitt in Belfast or Bangor to contact you.

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