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Divorce Day: How to Support a Friend or Family

You’ve probably heard of it – National Divorce Day; the most ‘chosen’ or typical date of the year for couples to make the decision that they want to end their marriage. This year it falls on 9th January; the first Monday back after the holidays.

January is considered a long and perhaps difficult month, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that relationships turn sour at the beginning of the year, it does however, happen to be the time when people have more time to think, and realise what they do and don’t want.

Senior Associate Ciara Brolly explains the reasoning and also offers support and guidance on how you in turn, can support a friend or family going through separation or divorce.

So why do couples choose this date?

Not only does the New Year mark the end of the merry Christmas period, but because it’s the start of a new year it instigates chat on fresh beginnings- and as a result it’s now become the date on which family law solicitors receive a marked increase in enquiries from couples who have decided to go their separate ways.

Ofcourse, given the commitments and busy season- many couples wait until after the festive season has finished, to avoid a messy divorce over the holidays- so as not to spoil the holiday spirit. 

The thinking on the reasoning behind this particular milestone moment goes deeper still; the run up to the Christmas period can be stressful- and particularly in the current climate- the financial pressures can be weighing down heavy on couples and families. This combined with being cooped up with any added family tension over the holidays together, can lead rocky relationships to breaking point.

Staying together for Christmas

Many couples who have children, who are en route to divorce often delay the decision until after Christmas in order to protect their children at what is supposed to be a family time. You don’t have to have children to understand the importance of Christmas for them and giving them one last Christmas with both parents is something special, which parents naturally try to strive to achieve.

Maintaining some element of normality over the festive period is the right decision for many couples, leaving them with the peace of January and February to organise their separation.

How can you support your friend or family going through separation?

We all know someone who has gone through it. At some stage, we are all confided in about our friends’ or family members’ relationship troubles.

How well prepared are we for those conversations?

Your friend chose to talk to you about the biggest thing that’s happening to them right now. In our experience, it will consume all aspects of their lives. They’ve turned to you for help and so, if at all possible, set aside precious time to talk with and help them. 

We offer this helpful step by step guide to help you talk them through the process;

How does Divorce work in Northern Ireland?

We have created a specific guide on how divorce works in Northern Ireland, which details all the stages and processes to expect; How does Divorce work in Northern Ireland?

How can we help support you?

We understand that it is never an easy decision to separate and we want to make it as stress-free for you as possible, with expert guidance and care taken for any situation. 

Our service is aimed at protecting your interests and we are particularly sensitive to the needs of children if they are involved.

Each relationship breakdown is an individual set of circumstances. Our team will work with you to complete all the court documentation and carry your divorce through to a successful conclusion so you and your family can move on.

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