Our team combines years of knowledge and expertise with a direct approach to providing income tax returns and family trust management in Northern Ireland.


Trusts are a means of safeguarding and protecting assets for the future enjoyment of other people often children, grandchildren or disabled or incapacitated members of your family or friends.  Trusts can be set up when you are alive or in your Will on your death.   Trusts can form an important part of tax planning if you perceive your assets are at risk from an Inheritance Tax charge.  Our team completes income, capital gains tax and other tax returns for individual clients & trustees. Our team has been built on years of market leading knowledge and expertise led by two partners with together over 40 years of Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners training & expertise advising both individuals, couples, families, business owners and farmers on planning for future frailty, possible dementia and care requirements and those who are caring for and helping relatives and friends. We adapt our service delivery to what suits you offering Perspex screen protected face to face Belfast or Bangor office meetings, home garden mask visits, phone or video phone meetings allowing us to act for clients all across Northern Ireland expertly and efficiently.

What We Do

  • Advising and creating a simple trust for a vulnerable family member
  • Creating a trust in your Will to provide for members of your family or others
  • Advising you on setting up a trust to maximise the tax advantages
  • Helping you comply with the responsibilities & obligations of being a trustee
  • Completing your individual or trustee income tax returns
  • Helping you wind up a trust and properly distribute the assets

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