No legal fees for Will Writing when you donate to Will Aid this November

Wilson Nesbitt are participating in Wills Month, which means you only have until the end of November to claim your free will. Every November, some law firms will waive their fees for writing a basic will or mirror wills, instead, a voluntary donation* is encouraged to help support the work of Will Aid.


What is Will Aid?

Since 1988, Will Aid have developed a special partnership between the legal professions and nine of the UK’s best loved charities. In this time, there have been over 310,000 wills written and a staggering 21 million pounds raised to help vulnerable people.

Why now?

With Will Aid, you can get the peace of mind that you have a professional will drawn up and know that your wishes will be carried out once you are gone. You will also be helping Will Aid to help and change peoples lives in the UK and all around the world.

Many people sail through life without a thought for what might happen if they were to die without making a Will. A Will ensures that what you leave on your death is distributed in accordance with your wishes, with minimum delay and most importantly with minimum distress for your loved ones.

Our specialist team has been built on years of market leading knowledge and expertise led by two partners with together over 40 years of Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners training and expertise advising individuals, couples, families, business owners and farmers on a wide range of tax efficient succession planning.

We offer a wide range of services from cost effective phone supported postal Wills for individuals or families with young children supported by phone by our specialist team through to partner led succession & trust planning Wills to minimise Inheritance Tax liabilities.  We adapt our service delivery as required with Perspex screen protected face to face Belfast or Bangor office meetings, home garden mask visits, phone or video phone meetings allowing us to act for clients all across Northern Ireland expertly and efficiently.

What do I need to do?

Get in touch with us to request a free Wills Pack. Or call now on 0800 840 9293

In the meantime, make a list of all your assets and the people you would like to leave it to. Don’t forget you only have until the end of November!

*Suggested donation of £100 for a basic will and £180 for a mirror will

What We Do

  • Ask for our Free no obligation postal Will pack with easy to follow instructions on how to make fixed fee Wills by a qualified Will writing solicitor supported by our phone helpline
  • Inheritance tax and trust planning advice for individuals and families.
  • Business Property Relief succession planning for business owners & investors.
  • Agricultural Property Relief succession planning for farmers.
  • Wills to protect assets in divorces, family disputes or involving disabled dependents.
  • Charitable giving to reduce Inheritance Tax or the rate at which it is paid.

Get in touch

To find out more about how we can help you with your Making a Will query, please contact us.